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Stored Value Programs
for Shopping Malls

SVC Shopping Center/Mall Program — Datazoid’s SVC Shopping Center/Mall Program consists primarily of two card products:

Mall Consumer Card
Mall Gift Card

These cards are typically restricted for use only at participating merchants located at a particular mall/shopping center, or a group of malls/shopping centers under common ownership. These cards are usually sold at the mall instead of via the Web.

Since the owner of the mall is also an Employer, it — along with participating Merchants located in the mall — may also be interested in our SVC Employer Program.

Our SVC Shopping Center/Mall Program is an example of “Place Marketing”; the “place” is defined by the physical boundaries of the mall or shopping center. We have extended this concept to include a more “general” usage of “mall” to include towns, cities, regions, and so on. In these cases, the “boundary” encompassing participating merchants (and other Entities) is much larger and affiliation or membership may be defined by the sale of a common product instead of physical location. For example, wineries located in a general region of California could come together under one of these programs.

Place Marketing, at its core, involves four basic activities:

• Designing the right mix of community features and services
• Setting attractive incentives for current and potential buyers of its goods and services
• Delivering a Place's products and services in an efficient, accessible way
• Promoting the Place's values and image so that potential buyers are fully aware of the place's distinctive advantages.

Place Marketing comprises six general strategies that communities and regions can use to improve their competitive positions:

• Attracting tourist and business visitors
• Attracting businesses from elsewhere
• Retaining and expanding existing businesses
• Promoting small business expansion and fostering new business start-ups
• Expanding exports and outside investments
• Expanding the population or changing the mix of residents

The four main target markets for Place Marketing are:

1) Visitors (business and pleasure)
2) Residents and workers
3) Business and industry
4) Export markets (i.e. Consumers of the goods and services produced by the place or region).

We believe that our “Malls Without Walls” SVC Program can be an integral part of a “community’s” efforts to market itself via the sale of co-branded cards that provides name recognition outside of the community and brings consumers into the community.

Our initial marketing effort focuses on a “Place” Gift Card that can only be used at Merchants and other businesses located in or affiliated with the sponsoring place. Unlike our typical mall/shopping center program, Gift Cards associated with our “Malls Without Walls” program may be sold directly by the participants and/or through a central location, like a tourist bureau. Both brick-and-mortar locations and Web sites can be used to get the program to the public.

Datazoid Card Products for Shopping Malls

Mall Consumer Card — This card bears the name and/or logo of the Mall or Shopping Center instead of a Merchant/Retailer or Affinity Group. One other difference between this card and the Merchant/Retailer and/or Affinity Group Consumer Cards is that this card can be limited to use at a Merchant located in a particular mall or group of malls under common ownership. It can even be used to build a marketing program supporting participating Merchants/Retailers within a given geographic area. A rewards/loyalty program can be developed and linked to the use of this card to promote its use.

Mall Gift Card — Our Mall Gift Card is a restricted version of our Gift Card in that we can limit its use to those Merchants located in a particular shopping center/mall, or all malls/shopping centers owned by a single Entity — Simon Malls, for example. Development and management companies who own and manage malls (strip malls, outdoor/indoor malls) can offer our Mall Gift Card as an alternative to gift certificates. There are cross-sell opportunities with malls and merchants for POS/merchant processing, and the card can be offered to existing merchant customers.

The Mall Gift Card is either co-branded with the name and/or logo of the Mall, or a custom-designed card can be developed. The benefit of a Datazoid co-branding program is that we can bring the card to market faster and at a lower per card cost. The card is activated by the participating Mall at the time of purchase and can be used until the card expires or the funds are fully depleted.

A Datazoid Mall Gift Card program can generate customer loyalty and provide program administrators access to card and transaction information, allowing the tracking of usage on a merchants/retailer basis.

Want to Learn More About Our SVC Programs?

For more information about our SVC Programs and Reseller Opportunities, you can contact David Schnepp via our Contact Form, or call him at 310-345-7412


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