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Stored Value Programs
for Government Agencies

The Datazoid SVC Government Agency Program consists primarily of a single card product, the Purchasing Card.

However, we work with government agencies to assist them in identifying government beneficiaries that receive paper checks and then market/sell those persons a Consumer Card for Government Beneficiaries. We have developed a process that assists the recipient of a government check in contacting the appropriate agency and requesting that those benefits be direct deposited into their cardholder account. The following table briefly describes that process.

And since Government Agencies are also employers, we also offer them our SVC Employer Program.

Datazoid Card Products for Government Agencies

Purchasing Card — The Datazoid Purchasing Card is a type of Corporate Expense Card that is primarily used by a business as a better way to manage business purchases. This card is designed to replace Corporate Expense Credit Cards. With our card, businesses can save time and money by streamlining a labor-intensive purchasing process. Paperwork can be reduced or eliminated, and management can exert both front- and back-end controls through our card authorization system and reporting tools.

Cards are purchased by Government Agency and issued in the name of a particular employee. Only the agency can fund the card. And because the agency is funding the card, they can also view card transaction history to ensure that the card is being used in compliance with program policy.

Starting Your Program

This is the process for creating a SVC Government Agency Program:

1) CCI or Community Group Installed on Our System as a Distributor

2) CCI Provides Community Group with Marketing Materials and Sign-Up Kits for Government Benefit Recipients

3) CCI/Community Group Solicit Government Benefit Recipients

4) Applicants Complete Government Benefit Recipients Authorization Forms and Form 1199A [Signed Forms But w/o the Account Number information Filled-In)

5) CCI/Community Groups Collects Government Benefit Recipient Authorization and 1199 A Forms

6) CCI/Community Group Submits Enrollment Information (Online or Batch) for Each Applicant

7) Community Groups Submit Completed Government Benefit Recipient Authorization and 1199 A Forms to CCI

8) Datazoid/eCL Processes Enrollment Information and Provides CCI With Account numbers (Cardholder Account Number) for Each Applicant

9) CCI Fills-In the Account Number Type of Account on Each Form 1199 A and Submits Forms to our sponsor bank for Processing

10) Our Sponsor Bank Completes Each Form 1199 A and Transmits Forms to Applicable Government Agency for Processing

11) Applicants Receive Their Effecti Cards Via the Mail

12) Government Agency Implements Direct Deposit of Benefits for Applicants

13) Cardholders/Government Benefit Recipients Activate Their Effecti Cards Via IVR or the Web and Use Their Cards to Access Their Benefits; Purchase Price for Card Debited from Cardholder Account

14) Overdraft Protection Program (ODP) Feature of Card Activated Within 4-6 Weeks After Effecti Card Has Been Activated

15) Cardholders May Opt Out of ODP Before ODP Feature is Activated or at Any Time After Card Has Been Activated by Filing Simple Form With Our Sponsor Bank.

Want to Learn More About Our SVC Programs?

For more information about our SVC Programs and Reseller Opportunities, you can contact David Schnepp via our Contact Form, or call him at 310-345-7412.


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