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Datazoid Stored Value Program
for Affinity Groups

The Datazoid SVC Affinity Group Program is designed to create a new revenue stream and increase name recognition for an organization, while providing additional services and benefits to its members. Affinity Groups come in a variety of flavors and, accordingly, we offer customized programs to meet an organization’s needs. Five card products make up the foundation of this program:

Affinity Group Consumer Card
Secondary Card
Teen Card
Student Card
Membership Card
Affinity Group Gift Card

Some background... Co-branded credit cards with the name of an Affinity Group have been available for many years through banks like MBNA and Bank One, and have offered participating organizations a new revenue stream and improved brand or name recognition. More than one in four credit cards today are co-brand or affinity cards.

In a typical co-branded and affinity credit card program, the name of the group and the issuing bank appear on the card. This program would offer the participants a “royalty” for each new card issued or renewed and 0.25% to 0.5% of the net retail purchases made with the card. For Affinity Groups, e.g. non-profit organizations, searching for methods to expand their product and service offerings, an Affinity Group credit card program can be a vital source of royalty income and an important membership benefit.

Instead of needing to choose between participating in either a co-branded credit card program or our debit card program, an organization can take advantage of both programs at the same time. And we offer revenues to participating groups that are similar to what you might expect from a co-branded or Affinity Group credit card program.

Our SVC Affinity Group Program provides tools and electronic marketing materials that can be used by the Affinity Group to market to their membership via email and the Web. Our marketing efforts are cost effective because they do not involve mailing hardcopy materials to members; instead, we can offer an electronic approach. A member can simply buy a debit card online, but when applying for a credit card online, they must sign an application and “pass” a credit check before the card is actually issued.

And since Affinity Groups are also employers, they may also want to take advantage of the Datazoid SVC Employer Program.

In lieu of a co-branded Datazoid Digital Money Card, we can assist an Affinity Group in coming up with its own unique card design that better meets its needs.

Datazoid Card Products for Affinity Groups

Consumer Card — Our Consumer Card provides a cost-effective alternative to carrying cash, and eliminates any possibility of creating the kind of excessive credit card debt that has plagued almost 50% of credit card holders and contributed to the recent rise in personal bankruptcies.

Sold online or via Retailers, this card bears the brand mark(s) of one of the major name-brand card associations. The card can be used at the millions of merchant locations worldwide that accept the brand, including most merchants on the Web. Cardholders can also make secure PIN-based Point Of Sale purchases and receive cash back at participating retailers, or get cash at authorized ATM machines. Funds can be loaded onto the Consumer Card at Retail cash loading stations, via electronic funds transfers from demand deposit accounts and through the direct deposit of their net wages and/or government funds.

We market this card as our Datazoid Digital Money card with the slogan “Cash in your wallet”. And this card can be co-branded with the name of any entity and we can either change or delete the slogan. Or the card can have its own unique design, as does the EffectiCard shown above.

The Datazoid Consumer Card comes with all of the features and functionality described on our Datazoid Digital Money Card page.

Secondary Card — The Datazoid Secondary Card is like a Companion Card except that the additional cardholder has access to the same source of funds; both cardholders share the same funding account. This type of card is usually purchased for a spouse or significant other.

Teen Card — The Datazoid Teen Card is another type of Companion Card. In this case, the additional card is linked to a separate funding account, and only the person who purchases the card may load or reload the card. Parents can reload a Teen Card either via the Web or using our telephone-based Interactive Voice Recognition Unit (IVRU) system. The card purchaser can also view the card’s transaction history. This allows parents to monitor their teen’s usage online or by viewing monthly statements posted on a password-protected Web page. Our Teen Card is similar to the VISA® Buxx™ teen card (see In this way, parents can work with their teen to review spending habits.

If our Teen Card is ever lost or stolen, the parent/cardholder is not responsible for any unauthorized purchases, making the card safer than cash and providing all of the benefits of a credit card — without the pitfalls of a credit line.

U.S. teens spend, on average, $87 a week on clothes, music, entertainment, and eating out. Some have estimated that teens will spend more than $160 billion this year. Our Teen Card offers a safe way for teens to shop both online and off-line. The card provides teens with money-management experience in a parent-controlled environment. The Datazoid Teen Card also offers the parent and the teen peace of mind, making funds available in case of emergencies, when traveling, or for everyday errands. Instead of sending a child on a trip with a wad of cash for emergencies, parents can replenish a card with money as needed. And our Teen Card has another advantage: an automatic spending limit. When the value loaded onto the card is spent, kids can't spend any more.

Student Card — A variation on the Teen Card, our Student Card can be marketed to parents and students as a quick and convenient way to send cash. Our Student Card offers all of the same benefits of our Teen Card, except that the marketing focus is on college students and their parents.

Membership Card — Many organizations issue membership cards to their members. The Datazoid Membership Card is a type of Consumer Card that doubles as a membership card, much as one of our Consumer Cards can also be used as a phone card. In addition to providing another revenue stream to the organization, the card can provide opportunities to create rewards/loyalty programs for members. This eliminates the need for the member to keep track of which Merchant/Retailer provides a discount for his membership card, or if she forgets to present the card. The discount or rewards can be automatically applied based on Merchant ID codes.

Affinity Group Gift Card — This variation of our Gift Card is similar to the Merchant/Retailer Gift Card described above except instead of the name of the Merchant/Retailer on the card, the name of the participating Affinity Group is used. And like the Merchant/Retailer Gift Card this card further enhances the branding/name recognition of the Affinity Group.

Datazoid Services

In addition to card products and SVC Programs, Datazoid offers a number of related support services:

Business Development & Marketing
Project Management
SVC Program/Card Fulfillment
SVC Program/Card & Customer Servicing
Software Development & Systems Integration

Business Development & Marketing — Datazoid can assist our clients in developing card programs that not only save them time and money, but in certain instances, can even be used to increase the sales of their products and/or services. We prepare various types of collateral marketing materials, including brochures that explain our various card products and SVC Programs, cardholder enrollment kits, training materials, targeted marketing messages.

Project Management — Datazoid can help you develop an SVC Program from the various card products and services that we offer that best meets your needs. We can then manage or assist you in managing that program. Datazoid offers turnkey SVC Program setup and management.

Card Fulfillment — Datazoid provides Web-based software tools and forms to help you enroll cardholders and card delivery. We can assist you in designing your own named card or co-branding the Datazoid Digital Money Card and in the printing and management of our card inventory.

Card & Customer Servicing — Datazoid sets the cardholder fees for you, performs all of the transaction processing related to a given SVC Card Program/card product and fee collection, and all of the associated customer service.

Software Development & Systems Integration — What helps set us apart from our competitors is that we can also develop custom software to support your SVC Program/card products and provide the systems integration skills required to make those efforts a success. We can help you modify your Web site to provide a seamless link to our online enrollment and cardholder servicing tools. And if necessary, we can help you develop your own Web site to market/sell your card products.

Starting Your Program

This is the process for creating your program:

1) Affinity group signs letter of intent with Datazoid to develop a Stored Value Card (SVC) Affinity Group Program

2) Datazoid develops an svc affinity group program for your organization

3) Your organization approves the SVC Affinity Group Program and Datazoid’s affinity group service and licensing agreement

4) Datazoid develops electronic marketing materials in concert with your organization

5) Datazoid provides your organization with access to web based tools to allow your members to purchase cards online at your web site

6) Your organization solicits its members to purchase cards via e-mail

7) Members purchase cards and load value onto cards

8) Datazoid processes the enrollment information and issues cards to your members via U.S. Mail

9) Members activate their cards via the web or by phone-based Interactive Voice Recognition Unit (IVRU)

10) Datazoid processes card transactions and provides portion of cardholder fees to your organization

If desired, the Affinity Group can co-brand any of the card products we offer as part of this program.

Want to Learn More About Our SVC Programs?

For more information about our SVC Programs and Reseller Opportunities, you can contact David Schnepp via our Contact Form, or call him at 310-345-7412.

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