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Datazoid Specialized Card Products

Datazoid Standard Card Products are used to develop Specialized Card Products, each of which is designed for a particular market segment.

Here is a partial list of our Specialized Card Products; click on a link to see a brief description below, or scroll down the page to read about all of these products.

(For information on how these Specialized Card Products benefit specific target markets, see our Programs page.)

Consumer Card
Consumer Card for Government Beneficiaries
Consumer Card for the Unbanked
Payroll Card
Merchant/Retailer Consumer Card
Affinity Group Consumer Card
Mall Consumer Card
Gift Card
Mall Gift Card
Merchant/Retailer Gift Card
Affinity Group Gift Card
Promotion Card
Incentive Card
Termination Pay Card
Insurance Claim Card
Membership Card
Corporate Expense Card
Travel Money Card
Secondary Card
Teen Card
Student Card
Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HAS), and/or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Card
Fleet Card
Purchasing Card
Money Transfer Card

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Consumer Card — Our Consumer Card provides a cost-effective alternative to carrying cash, and eliminates any possibility of creating the kind of excessive credit card debt that has plagued almost 50% of credit card holders and contributed to the recent rise in personal bankruptcies.

Sold online or via Retailers, this card bears one or more brand marks of one of the major card associations. The card can be used at the millions of merchant locations worldwide that accept cards from the card association, including most merchants on the Web. Cardholders can also make secure PIN-based Point Of Sale purchases and receive cash back at participating retailers, or get cash at authorized ATM machines. Funds can be loaded onto the Consumer Card at Retail cash loading stations, via electronic funds transfers from demand deposit accounts and through the direct deposit of their net wages and/or government funds.

We market this card as our Datazoid Digital Money card with the slogan “Cash in your wallet”. And this card can be co-branded with the name of any entity and we can either change or delete the slogan. Or the card can have its own unique design, as does the EffectiCard shown above.

The Datazoid Consumer Card comes with all of the features and functionality described on our Datazoid Digital Money Card page.

Consumer Card for Government Beneficiaries — This card is so named because the target market are those who currently receive a government check, do not have a bank account, and would like to have their funds direct-deposited. The card has the same features and functionality as our Consumer Card, and is marketed under the same name. The difference is how that card is marketed: mainly through the efforts of various participating community organizations which have agreed to promote this card as a benefit to their members who receive government checks. If a cardholder receives government funds from more than one government agency, all of those funds can be loaded onto a single card. A cardholder can also have their employer load their net wages onto this same card via direct deposit. This eliminates the need for persons receiving government checks to go to check cashing companies that engage in predatory lending practices.

Consumer Card for the Unbanked — This is a version of our Consumer Card for which the marketing/sales focus is on the 20 percent of the U.S. population who are unbanked. More than 50 Million people here in the United States make-up the “unbanked” or “underbanked” — those who have little or no access to bank services. No one can be denied one of our Consumer Cards for the Unbanked because of their financial history. And while cardholders pay small fees for the issuance and maintenance of the card and each time the card is used, the total of the monthly fees is in many cases less than those for a bank checking account.

The unbanked are one of Datazoid’s niche markets. Providing effective financial solutions for the unbanked and/or underbanked, we are sometimes referred to as a ”Social Entrepreneurship Endeavor.” Our goal is to allow our unbanked and underbanked cardholders to enjoy the same financial services as those who have bank accounts, including a full bill payment system and overdraft protection (ODP). Our ODP program is designed to offer an alternative source of emergency funds for our unbanked cardholders in lieu of cash lenders and other sources of payday loans, which often engage in predatory loan practices and related fees.

For this card, we use the marketing message, “Your pathway to financial freedom.” More than just a slogan, this message appears below the Datazoid Digital Money graphic on our Consumer Spend Card (a sample of that card was shown above) to assure the unbanked cardholder that this card will provide them with financial services similar to those the “banked” experience. Paying bills and making purchases via the Web are possible with their Datazoid Digital Money Card... even if they cannot obtain a credit card or bank account.

Payroll Card — Our Payroll Card is a version of the Consumer Card that is marketed to employees through their employers. About 50% of all employers in the United States do not yet take advantage of the cost savings available to them through 100% direct deposit of their payroll.

On average, about 20% of a company’s employees will not be able to accept their net wages via direct deposit because they do not have a bank account. Our payroll card can be issued to those employees and allow the employer to load the employee’s net wages onto the card via direct deposit.

Cards loaded in this way offer the cardholder/employee the advantage of overdraft protection and reduce their exposure to the predatory payday lending practices commonly used by check cashing companies. Another advantage of this card is that the employee can also load their card via Retail cash loaders and from another demand deposit account, using our convenient account-to-account funds transfer service.

Our Payroll Card comes with all of the features and functionality of our Consumer Card, but is distinguished by the way in which the card is marketed and sold.

Merchant/Retailer Consumer Card — This card is a Consumer Card that bears the name of a Merchant/Retailer and is marketed by them via their own marketing channels. The card can create a new revenue stream for the Merchant/Retailer as we offer a share of cardholder fees to participating merchants (see the discussion of Affinity Group Consumer Cards below).

When used as part of a well-executed marketing plan, this card can actually contribute to increased sales and profits by offering consumers a more convenient vehicle for the purchase of goods and services. This card can be linked to a reward/loyalty program, encouraging card use. And if enough of these cards are sold as part of a program, it may be possible to avoid Merchant/Retailer Association and Network fees when the card is accepted at a participating locations.

Co-branding can increase revenues, grow your market share, build customer loyalty, and make a lasting impression around the world. Co-branded debit cards strengthen customer loyalty by offering a value-added incentive to buy your company's product or service.

Affinity Group Consumer Card — This card is similar to the Merchant/Retailer Consumer Card, except that the card bears the name of the Affinity Group and is marketed by the Affinity Group to its “customers” or "members" using tools and techniques provided by Datazoid. Co-branded credit cards with the name of an Affinity Group have been available for many years through banks like MBNA and Bank One, and offer participating organizations a new revenue stream and improved brand or name recognition. More than 1 in 4 credit cards today are co-brand or affinity cards.

Typical co-branded and affinity credit card programs — in which the organization's name and the bank’s appear on the card — offer participants a “royalty” for each new card issued or renewed and 0.25% to 0.5% of the net retail purchases made with the card. An Affinity Group credit card program can be a vital source of royalty income for an organization and an important membership benefit. For Affinity Groups such as non-profit organizations that are searching for methods to expand their product and service offerings, an Affinity Group card is an attractive option.

An Affinity Group does not have to choose between participating in either a co-branded credit or our debit card program, but can instead take advantage of both programs at the same time. Plus, we offer revenues to participating Affinity Groups that are similar to what you might expect from a comparable credit card program.

Mall Consumer Card — This card bears the name and/or logo of the Mall or Shopping Center instead of a Merchant/Retailer or Affinity Group. One other difference between this card and the Merchant/Retailer and/or Affinity Group Consumer Cards is that this card can be limited to use at a Merchant located in a particular mall or group of malls under common ownership. It can even be used to build a marketing program supporting participating Merchants/Retailers within a given geographic area. A rewards/loyalty program can be developed and linked to the use of this card to promote its use.

Gift Card — Gift Cards have become very popular and are fast replacing paper Gift Certificates. More than $100 billion is spent annually on Gift Certificates in the United States. According to a recent ValueLink annual consumer survey on gift cards 79% of consumers are aware of gift cards and 37% use them.

Recently, personalized Gift Cards became available. Imprinted with the name of the cardholder, these cards include the brand mark of one of the major card associations, which allows the recipient to use the card anywhere the brand is accepted. Old-style Gift Cards can only be used at the Merchant bearing the name of the card. The Datazoid Gift Card is purchased by a family member, friend, or associate and sent directly to the recipient as a gift; Gift Cards can also be shipped in bulk to the gift giver. Cards can even be issued with a unique value, rather than the traditional denominations.

Our Gift Card is similar to our Consumer Spend Card except that a Gift Card cannot be reloaded or renewed after it expires.

A potent marketing tool, the Gift Card can be co-branded with the name of an Affinity Group or Merchant (see Merchant/Retailer Gift Card and Affinity Group Gift Card), further reinforcing the brand name of the co-branding entity. We also offer a variety of slogans and custom card designs to further enhance marketing and branding. We can even include a customized message underneath the name of the cardholder: Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, and so on.

The Gift Card is a type of Consumer Card that cannot be reloaded and, bears the phrase “Gift Card” on its face to help distinguish it from a reloadable Consumer Card.

Datazoid can even limit where the card can be used through Merchant ID codes, and can integrate Gift Cards into loyalty/rewards programs.

For information about a variation on the technique of limiting use to specific merchants, read about the Datazoid Mall Gift Card.

Mall Gift Card — Our Mall Gift Card is a restricted version of our Gift Card in that we can limit its use to those Merchants located in a particular shopping center/mall, or all malls/shopping centers owned by a single Entity — Simon Malls, for example. Development and management companies who own and manage malls (strip malls, outdoor/indoor malls) can offer our Mall Gift Card as an alternative to gift certificates. There are cross-sell opportunities with malls and merchants for POS/merchant processing, and the card can be offered to existing merchant customers.

The Mall Gift Card is either co-branded with the name and/or logo of the Mall, or a custom-designed card can be developed. The benefit of a Datazoid co-branding program is that we can bring the card to market faster and at a lower per card cost. The card is activated by the participating Mall at the time of purchase and can be used until the card expires or the funds are fully depleted.

A Datazoid Mall Gift Card program can generate customer loyalty and provide program administrators access to card and transaction information, allowing the tracking of usage on a merchants/retailer basis.

Merchant/Retailer Gift Card — This variation of our Gift Card includes the name of the Merchant/Retailer on the card and is attractive to consumers , since the card can be used anywhere the card association brand is accepted, not just the Merchant’s location. This card further enhances the brand recognition of the Merchant/Retailer.

Affinity Group Gift Card — This variation of our Gift Card is similar to the Merchant/Retailer Gift Card described above except instead of the name of the Merchant/Retailer on the card, the name of the participating Affinity Group is used. And like the Merchant/Retailer Gift Card this card further enhances the branding/name recognition of the Affinity Group.

Promotion Card — A Promotion Card is a flavor of Gift Card that is used to promote a specific event.

This kind of marketing has a proven track record. One success story: Dr Pepper launched a sweepstakes featuring instant-win cash prizes that could be claimed and spent immediately online. During the sweepstakes, "Dr Pepper peel-off” game pieces were placed on specially-marked 32-ounce and 44-ounce fountain cups in fast food and quick-service restaurants across the country. Each game piece had a unique “e-code” which the consumer entered online for a chance to win one of hundreds of $25 prizes, or a grand prize of $10,000. Customers could click-and-claim their cash prize online, and receive a virtual VISA® number. That number was linked to prize funds that could be spent anywhere VISA is accepted online.

A Promotion Card from Datazoid can be integrated into sweepstakes like this, or other marketing or community service events. Datazoid can provide the online support and fulfillment services as well as cards for those times when a physical reward is more approriate.

For a simpler promotion, Merchants/Retailers and/or Affinity Groups can issue Gift Cards with a customized slogan that promotes an event like Earth Day or a new poroduct launch.

Incentive Card — An Incentive Card is a type of Gift Card that is typically issued by an employer as part of an incentive program; meet a particular sales goal and receive a $200 Gift Card with a message like “Congratulations on achieving your sales goals”.

Termination Pay Card — A form of Instant Issue Card, the Termination Pay Card is a single-application card-based solution that an employer can use for a variety of off-payroll or single-pay issues, such as payment of an employee’s net wages upon termination; bonus payments; spot awards or other types of one-time payments.

This card is similar to a Gift Card — although, of course, the phrase "Gift Card” doesn’t appear on the card. This card replaces the need for employers to issue paper checks for out-of-cycle payments to employees, saving both time and money.

A key attribute of this card is that it allows an employer to immediately issue a card to an employee with value already loaded on the card. This card does not have the employee’s name embossed on it, and for security purposes, we can issue the card without the card association brand mark, and as PIN-based products.

Insurance Claim Card — The Insurance Claim Card is a type of Instant Issue Card and is similar to the Termination Pay Card, except that the card is issued to claimants instead of employees. The goal is the same — to eliminate the issuance and handling of paper checks and replace a claim award check with card loaded with the award value.

Membership Card — Many organizations issue membership cards. The Datazoid Membership Card is a type of Consumer Card that doubles as a membership card, much as one of our Consumer Cards can also be used as a phone card. In addition to providing another revenue stream to the organization, the card can provide opportunities to create rewards/loyalty programs for members. This eliminates the need for the member to keep track of which Merchant/Retailer provides a discount for his membership card, or if she forgets to present the card. The discount or rewards can be automatically applied based on Merchant ID codes.

Corporate Expense Card — The Datazoid Corporate Expense Card is a combination Consumer Card and Companion Card. This card is designed to replace Corporate Expense Credit Cards. Cards are purchased by an Employer or Organization and issued in the name of a particular employee. Only the Employer/Organization can fund the card. And because the Employer/Organization is funding the card, they can also view card transaction history to ensure that the card is being used in compliance with program policy.

Travel Money Card — This is type of Consumer Card whose target market is the traveler who has previously purchased Traveler’s Checks. Recently, exchanging Traveler’s Checks for local currency has become more difficult. In fact, this exchange can often result in a lower exchange rate than that for cash ($US). Making matters worse, some merchants abroad will no longer accept Traveler’s Checks, as their cost to exchange them for local funds is relatively high.

American Express® has recognized this problem and has recently started marketing a TravelFunds® reloadable debit card. Consumers can purchase the card here in the United States and load it with funds. When traveling abroad, the cardholder can obtain cash from ATM machines that accept the American Express card or can pay for purchases using the card and their signature. This card can also be reloaded if the cardholder finds they need more money than originally anticipated.

Our Travel Money Card is similar to the American Express TravelFunds card except that it bears the brand mark of a major card association. And it can be used anywhere worldwide where the brand is accepted. Cardholders can also withdraw cash from local authorized ATMs in local currency; the associated foreign exchange rate is the wholesale market rate or the government mandated rate in effect one day prior to the date of a particular transaction, plus a small currency exchange fee regulated and charged by the card association.

Our Travel Money Card can be reloaded; however, it has a one-year expiration period and cannot be renewed. By comparison, our other Consumer Cards — which can also be renewed — carry a two-year expiration date.

The Datazoid Digital Money Travel Money Card is distinguished by the phrase “Travel Money” imprinted on the face of the card.

Secondary Card — The Datazoid Secondary Card is like a Companion Card except that the additional cardholder has access to the same source of funds; both cardholders share the same funding account. This type of card is usually purchased for a spouse or significant other.

Teen Card — The Datazoid Teen Card is another type of Companion Card. In this case, the additional card is linked to a separate funding account, and only the person who purchases the card may load or reload the card. Parents can reload a Teen Card either via the Web or using our telephone-based Interactive Voice Recognition Unit (IVRU) system. The card purchaser can also view the card’s transaction history. This allows parents to monitor their teen’s usage online or by viewing monthly statements posted on a password-protected Web page. Our Teen Card is similar to the VISA® Buxx™ teen card (see In this way, parents can work with their teen to review spending habits.

If our Teen Card is ever lost or stolen, the parent/cardholder is not responsible for any unauthorized purchases, making the card safer than cash and providing all of the benefits of a credit card — without the pitfalls of a credit line.

U.S. teens spend, on average, $87 a week on clothes, music, entertainment, and eating out. Some have estimated that teens will spend more than $160 billion this year. Our Teen Card offers a safe way for teens to shop both online and off-line. The card provides teens with money-management experience in a parent-controlled environment. The Datazoid Teen Card also offers the parent and the teen peace of mind, making funds available in case of emergencies, when traveling, or for everyday errands. Instead of sending a child on a trip with a wad of cash for emergencies, parents can replenish a card with money as needed. And our Teen Card has another advantage: an automatic spending limit. When the value loaded onto the card is spent, kids can't spend any more.

Student Card — A variation on the Teen Card, our Student Card can be marketed to parents and students as a quick and convenient way to send cash. Our Student Card offers all of the same benefits of our Teen Card, except that the marketing focus is on college students and their parents.

Flexible Spending Arrangement/Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), and/or Health Reimbursement Arrangement/Account (HRA) Card — As employers continue to shift more healthcare costs to employees, innovative consumer-driven options are being created, such as a debit card that can be used with a flexible spending account (FSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) or health savings account (HSA). Employees enrolled in FSA, HAS and HRAs can use their card to pay for services or items covered under their benefit program without having to write checks or provide identification to complete payment.

For years, millions of employees have had access to Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) accounts, which allow them to put aside pretax money from their paychecks to pay for medical costs that their insurance won’t cover. But most people don't sign up, annoyed by the time and paperwork it often takes to get access to the money.

In 2003, an IRS ruling handed down prompted a number of companies to issue debit cards that take the money directly out of the account when they are swiped at the doctor's office or pharmacy, eliminating much of the difficulty involved.

The federal government also permits similar tax-free accounts for certain commuting expenses and child-care fees, and some employers are starting to offer debit cards tied to those expenses as well. Since the dollars that workers contribute to these accounts are not taxed, employees can trim their tax bill substantially by paying their doctor's bill or monthly train pass using this type of account.

Interestingly, employees can't get a debit card that can be used for this purpose unless their employer gives them one.

A Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) account may be funded by the employer and/or the employee via salary reduction. FSAs may be offered to employees — however, self-employed persons are not eligible. Funds must be used for qualified medical expenses and balances may not be carried forward. FSA coverage may not continue if the employee terminates service, unless continuation coverage is elected under COBRA. FSAs are not portable.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt account created exclusively to pay for the qualified medical expenses of the account holder and his or her spouse or dependents. HSAs are considered the newest tax-favored medical savings accounts and are permanent, portable and available to everyone — individuals and employers — with qualified high deductible medical plans. An HSA must be set up in conjunction with a specific type of High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). The HDHP must have an annual deductible of at least $1,000, with an out-of-pocket limit not greater than $5,000. For family coverage, it must have an annual deductible of at least $2,000 and an out-of-pocket limit not greater than $10,000. Deductibles are not required for preventive care, and out-of-pocket maximums may be higher for out-of-network care. HSAs do not require employer involvement and they can be funded entirely by the employee or by a combination of employer and employee dollars. HSA contributions may be made by employees on a pre-tax basis through a Section 125 Plan (a plan authorized under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code), or may be made directly by eligible individuals and deducted from gross income. Earnings on amounts held in an HSA accrue tax-free. HSA funds are held in an IRA-like account for the exclusive use of the participant, so they are fully portable. When employees terminate, they take their unused HSA funds with them.

A Health Reimbursement Arrangement[/Account] (HRA) is an employer-funded account that reimburses employees for qualified medical care expenses. An HRA may be used in conjunction with any type of Health Plan, but is generally linked to an HDHP. An HRA must be established and funded solely with employer dollars. At the employer's discretion, an HRA may allow employees to roll over unused funds from year to year, or allow terminated employees to spend their unused balances. HRAs do not need to be pre-funded.

Employers have a good reason to encourage workers to set these accounts. Employer contributions to HRAs and HSAs are not subject to income, FICA, Medicare, or FUTA taxes and can save employers hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon the number of employees that take advantage of these accounts.

Datazoid, along with third-party plan administrators (TPAs) that work with us, can assist you in determining what type of program, if any, best meets your or your employee’s needs. If you decide to offer your employees one of these programs, we can configure our Datazoid Digital Money Payroll Card to include multiple accounts linked to a single card; FSA, HSA, and HRA, plus the account that is loaded with the employees net wages via direct deposit. Using the Datazoid Digital Money Payroll Card will simplify the administrative functions of an FSA, HSA, and HRA plan making these programs more attractive to your employees, and in turn, will increase your plan participation. Instead of using a check, cash or credit card to pay for services, prescriptions, or childcare, employees present their Datazoid Digital Money card to the merchant. The merchant swipes the card through an ordinary credit card terminal, the transaction is authorized, and the amount of the purchase is deducted from the employee’s account. The health plan or employer can determine which account is reduced first when the card is swiped and will automatically reduce that account until the balance in that particular account is depleted. Then the system will begin to reduce the next designated account.

Employees no longer have to pay for services out of pocket at the point of sale and then wait to be reimbursed. Designated funds are accessible and can be used immediately. In most cases, employees no longer need to fill out forms and submit hard copy proof of purchases for substantiation and reimbursement.

Offering a Datazoid Digital Money Payroll Card that is also linked to FSA, HSA and HRA accounts is great way for you to differentiate your company by providing a more efficient way for your employees to access these accounts.

Fleet Card — The Datazoid Digital Money Fleet Card is a type of Corporate Expense Card that your company can use to track spending patterns, regulate card usage and gain access to one of the largest fuel networks in America.

Using our Fleet Card, you can set spending parameters for each cardholder including spending limits, daily dollar limits, and much more. All of your transaction data is compiled into a single online source, making it easy to reconcile your statement and track spending patterns.

Now you don't have to worry about acceptance or carrying multiple cards. The Datazoid Digital Money Fleet Card is accepted at every major oil company in America that accepts cards bearing one particular card association brand — more than 107,000 locations nationwide. This card is also accepted at more than 10,000 truck stops and service centers, and can complement your bulk, mobile and unattended fueling programs, making it truly unique to the industry.

Plus, the Datazoid Fleet Card gives you control; you can choose to manage either the driver or the vehicle, assign driver numbers to track spending patterns, limit cards to prompting locations, and instantly block and unblock cards.

And if you want, this functionality can be incorporated into your Corporate Expense Card.

Purchasing Card — The Datazoid Purchasing Card is a type of Corporate Expense Card that is primarily used by a business as a better way to manage business purchases. With our card, businesses can save time and money by streamlining a labor-intensive purchasing process. Paperwork can be reduced or eliminated, and management can exert both front- and back-end controls through our card authorization system and reporting tools. The chart below explains how our card works.

Money Transfer Card — The Money Transfer Card is a Companion card that allows the primary cardholder to transfer funds to another family member who may be located inside or outside of the country. The primary cardholder purchases a Money Transfer Card for a family member and then sends them the card. The primary cardholder can then periodically transfer funds from their card account to the account of the family member, via the Web or using our convenient phone-based Interactive Voice Recognition Unit (IVRU) system. The family member then withdraws cash in local currency from an authorized ATM. The fees for this transfer of funds are often lower than those offered by companies like Western Union, which utilize a process that does not involve debit cards. And our card-based system is more convenient for the primary cardholder, since the transfer of funds from one account to another can be initiated from the convenience of their home and doesn’t require a visit to a local money transfer office.

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