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About Datazoid

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Company Overview

Datazoid Enterprises, LLC Series B dba Datazoid Financial Services is a Delaware Series Limited Liability Company.

Datazoid designs, develops and implements customized stored value debit card (SVC) Programs, each containing a number of different card products and related services.

Our card products bear the brand mark of one of the major name-brand card associations; the affiliation depends upon the individual card's features and functionality. Datazoid is registered with these card associations as a Member Service Provider/Independent Sales Organization (MSP/ISO) of the issuing bank.

Our standard debit card is the Datazoid Digital Money Card shown below at the left. The slogan “Your pathway to financial freedom” is meant to appeal to an unbanked customer or a customer with excessive credit card debt and drive home one of the main advantages of a debit card, i.e., you only spend the amount of funds you load onto the card and you can obtain a card regardless of your credit history or lack of a bank account. However, the slogan is optional and can be deleted or replaced with another slogan, such as “Cash in Your Wallet” shown in the middle figure below. Our Resellers market SVC Programs that are comprised of card products that use the standard Datazoid Digital Money card design. And all of our card products can be co-branded with the name of an Affinity Group, Retailer, Employer, etc. as shown below at the right.

In addition, we can assist our clients in developing/marketing their own unique “named” card design (which can also be co-branded). The Effecti Card shown at the right is an example of a card that is being marketed by one of our Program Managers, Capital Card Inc. (CCI) that does not use our standard Datazoid Digital Money card design (but does include our “Powered by Datazoid” logo). The SVC Programs marketed by CCI are comprised of card products that use EffectiCard card design.

Datazoid’s SVC Programs

Datazoid has developed a number of different SVC Programs for each of the Customer Types listed above that are comprised of our various “Specialized Card Products” and related services.

For more info on each of these SVC programs, select a link:

Employer Program
Affinity Group Program
Merchant Program
Shopping Center/Mall Program
Bank Program
Consumer Program
Government Agency Program


Datazoid markets/sells the SVC Programs through several channels...

• Our Reseller Network. Our Reseller Program is described in more detail on the Datazoid SVC Reseller Program page.

• The Datazoid Program Manager Program is similar to our Reseller Program except that Program Managers take on more of the marketing/sales responsibility of each of our SVC Programs and the associated risks, and use their own named card products; that program is described in more detail in the Datazoid SVC Program Manager Program.

• Our Affinity Group Program is essentially a turnkey program where the participating Affinity Group provides membership information and Datazoid takes on most of the marketing/sales of the SVC Programs and related card products (and associated risks). Each of the programs offers a different revenue sharing plan.

Card Products and Services

Our SVC Programs are comprised of one or more “standard” card products (select a link for more info):

• Personal Spend Card (payroll, government beneficiaries, etc.)
• Companion Card (for spouse, teen, relative living abroad, etc.)
• Gift Card
• Instant Issue/One-Time Expense Card

For detailed information on these and other products, see our Products page.

Specialized Card Products

Our Standard Card Products are used to develop various “Specialized” Card Products, which are designed for particular market segments. Later on we discuss our SVC Programs, which explains how these Specialized Card Products are grouped by target markets.

Here is a partial list of those Specialized Card Products (click a link for more info):

• Consumer Card
• Consumer Card for Government Beneficiaries
• Consumer Card for the Unbanked
• Payroll Card
• Merchant/Retailer Consumer Card
• Affinity Group Consumer Card
• Mall Consumer Card
• Gift Card
• Mall Gift Card
• Merchant/Retailer Gift Card
• Affinity Group Gift Card
• Promotion Card
• Incentive Card
• Termination Pay Card
• Insurance Claim Card
• Membership Card
• Corporate Expense Card
• Travel Money Card
• Mall Cards
• Secondary Card
• Teen Card
• Student Card
• Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HAS), and/or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Card
• Fleet Card
• Purchasing Card
• Money Transfer Card

Want to learn more?

For more information about our SVC Programs, Services and Reseller Opportunities, contact David Schnepp via our Contact Form, or call him at 310-345-7412.

Company History

In 1990, Len Bruckman founded and became President and CEO of Datazoid Inc., a virtual information technology (IT), financial, environmental, management services and consulting company. Datazoid gained certification as a small business in the state of California (Ref # 0017137) and as an approved California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) contractor.

One of the company’s more significant projects has been the development and implementation of a Web-based application to support a suite of financial services for the unbanked/marginally banked, particularly an international cash access program and bill payment services.

This development of proprietary technologies led to the formation of Datazoid Financial Services.

Company Overview | History | People

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Datazoid Stored Value Cards are marketed by Datazoid Enterprises, LLC Series B dba Datazoid Financial Services (DFS), a Delaware Series Limited Liability Company. Read more About Us...

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