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About the Datazoid Digital Money Card

The Datazoid Digital Money Card is a prepaid stored value debit card that's embossed with your name, and can be used just like a bank debit card or a credit card. The Datazoid Digital Money Card bears the brand mark of one of the major card associations, which gives it the flexibility and reach of a network of thousands of merchants and ATMs.

The card is also as economical as it is handy. Your total monthly fees could be less than what a bank charges for a checking account. You pay only a small fee for the issuance and maintenance of your card, and each time it's used.

Your Datazoid Digital Money card isn't a credit card, but it has similar features and can be used just like one...

Make Purchases/Withdraw Cash

• Use your card at major retailers like Wal-Mart® — or any other merchant that accepts the major credit and check card brand — to purchase goods or services. Or use it to make purchases over the Internet.

• Need cash right away? Withdraw cash in the amount that you need from any ATM location, or from participating merchant offering cash back. Why cash your paycheck or other checks for their full amounts and carry all of that money around?

No Credit Debt

• Because the card is prepaid, you can only spend the funds you load onto your card — unless you are covered by the overdraft protection feature of your card. You cannot fall victim to excessive credit card debt.

No Check Cashing Fees

• Avoid the high fees of check cashing services by having your employer load your wages directly onto the card. Or have your government agency benefits sent directly onto the card.

Pay Bills

• Use your card to pay all of your bills — your rent, phone, electric, cable TV, and more. Pay online or by phone instead of purchasing money orders or driving to an office to pay in person.

Easy to Qualify

• Virtually everyone can get a Datazoid Digital Money Card. Almost no one is denied a card due to their financial history. And except for verification of your identity, there are no pre-qualification checks as there are for credit card applications, or to open a new checking or savings account.

Your Money is Safe and Insured

• Unlike cash, if your card is lost or stolen it can be replaced with its full remaining stored value. And the bank that issues the card covers your funds with FDIC insurance, so you know your money is protected.

Provide Cash to Family Members

• You can even provide family members with a second authorized card that your relatives can use to make cost effective and safe cash withdrawals from both domestic and International ATMs. And you can make these funds available from the convenience of your home by transferring money from your card account to the family members, again avoiding the need to send remittances to Mexico and other nations in person. And at a lower cost to you.

Provides You with Overdraft Protection

• Cardholders who load their cards via direct deposit will be eligible for overdraft protection, designed to provide funds to cover unexpected expenses. A cardholder with this service will be permitted up to three overdrafts, up to their allowed limit, from $100 to $500, until the cardholder brings their card balance back to positive.

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